Our little putt through the High Sierra is getting pretty well known in Placerville and outlying areas. Each year our contribution to The Center for Violence-Free Relationships  has grown considerably, ultimately assisting victims of domestic violence. We not only provide monetary support, we are opening the public’s eyes to the domestic violence that is happening all around us.

I have a personal connection to “Kacie’s Ride For Hope.” My little sister, Kacie, was shot to death in the driveway of her home by her ex-boyfriend on the 26th of July, 2006. She was only forty years old,  and left behind a fine young son.

My sister Kacie liked to ride and one of her favorites was the “Hope Valley Run.” In those days it was a three day party, but nowadays we have put a little different twist on it. Our aim is to make it a positive event that changes our community for the better. We are tired of what is happening to families due to domestic violence. There is no excuse to use violence to solve a dispute – it is never the answer. Kacie was also a client and supporter of “The Center.” If she were here today, you would see her face at the microphone running the show. I wish she was!

Nothing is going to bring my little sister back, but we can prevent other tragedies like this by informing the public and standing firm against domestic violence. Come ride with us, and spread the word at home and in your county so that we can all work towards an end to domestic violence. Let’s make this a statewide and then a nationwide effort.

I personally thank each and every one of you that have assisted and participated in this event. It would not and could not happen without you!!!

Pat Barron